music & moving image

I made music for a living for about 13 years, playing guitar, singing and song-writing for a string of bands including BLERTA, SPATS, THE CROCODILES, & I AM JOE’S MUSIC. When this ridiculous lifestyle became untenable due to a young family, I began painting and making film clips for other bands. Eventually I eschewed live music, succumbing to the lure and thrill of advertising (aka money) and directed TVCs for a living, while continuing to paint, write songs and record. In the last twelve years of making art full time, I have found myself obsessed with finishing a raft of recording projects with lifelong soul brothers & collaborateurs BEND (Tony Backhouse & Peter Dasent). Tony & I also have a fabulous live band NO ENGINE in our hometown of Napier NZ, where we await the inevitable arrival of Pete. This is my youtube channel which hosts a bunch of my videos for various bands including .... THE MUTTON BIRDS, THE FRONT LAWN, TIM FINN & HERBS, DAVE DOBBYN, THE MACHINATIONS and various manifestations of our own eccentric combos.