Am I blessed with an intersting life? - or is the amount of pain, chaos and fun in direct ratio to the choices I instinctively make? I think probably a strange brew concocted of the two...
This is a string of events relating to my work and how I have managed to survive...


Fane Flaws  (1951-?) – a brief history.
Fane Flaws has spent the last thirty years working successfully in a variety of media. He has worked as a graphic designer, painter, songwriter, director of Music Videos, Short Films, TVC’s, and writer, illustrator and publisher of Children’s Literature. He has been inducted to both The Massey University Design Hall Of Fame and The NZ Film Archive Music Video Wall Of Fame

1971 After graduating from The Wellington Polytechnic with a Diploma in Graphic Design, Flaws turned a sharp left and dedicated the next thirteen years of his life to the music industry.

1973 Flaws and flatmate were picked up by the BLERTA Bus at a bus stop and taken to the BLERTA concert at the ST James Theatre, He was so impressed he joined the group and spent the next three years touring NZ and Australia extensively with the NZ multi-media circus as guitarist, songwriter and resident poster artist.


1974 First Solo Exhibition at Settlement Gallery Wellington - Drawings in charchol and oil pastel.

1977 Flaws formed new band SPATS with life long musical soul mates; Bruno Lawrence, Patrick Bleakley, Peter Dasent  & Tony Backhouse. Carrying on the BLERTA tradition, SPATS toured NZ for two years playing Fane’s, Tony’s and Peter’s original music with a theatrical stage-show. The band performed with amongst others, Arthur Baysting (a.k.a. Neville Purvis) and LIMBS Dance Company, playing the first live music LIMBS ever danced to. Flaws as usual was given the job of designing the stage-backdrop, costumes and album covers and shared the poster duties with Backhouse.

1978 Flaws story-boarded the seminal NZ Music Video (the first band-made clip) - ‘NEW WAVE GOODBYE’ (Flaws / Baysting) for the band – SPATS - directed by Geoff Murphy.

SPATS - New Wave Goodbye - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vn4jqNSbxOI

1979 After two years on the road SPATS were discovered by American Rock Icon, Kim Fowley, who mentored a name and line-up change and set up the recording of THE CROCODILES first album ‘TEARS’ with Jenny Morris.

1980 The first single; ‘TEARS’, written by Flaws and Arthur Baysting won the 1980 NZ Recording Industry Song of the Year and the band won Best Album and Best New Group. Flaws directed the bands first video 'Any day Of The Week'.

THE CROCODILES - Any Day Of The Week - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dsmegn18TSA

THE CROCODILES - Tears - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oh01Rv6Z-28

Leaving the band due to exhaustion, Flaws recouperated on Waiheke Island and began his first paintings which included the CROCODILES second album cover.


1980 Flaws followed Arthur Baysting to Australia to pursue a songwriting/recording career, they became house-writers for Chapel Music then secured a publishing and recording contract with Mushroom Records.

1981 THE GREEN EARING - first Sydney show at CLOSE TO HOME - Newtown - drawings.

1982 Flaws was soon joined by Peter Dasent. They formed the experimental recording outfit I AM JOE'S MUSIC and spent two years making Mushroom’s worst selling album in history with Aussie legends Lobby Lloyde & Paul Radcliffe. The Band performed once live.

I AM JOE'S MUSIC - The Way You Get Your Way - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ufjYrPvoXXg

After a couple of well-received videos for IAJM, including 'THE WAY YOU GET YOUR WAY' and a performance on ABC's COUNTDOWN 200th show, Fane surrendered and was soon directing ‘Music Videos’ for a living and painting in his spare time. 

THE DROP BEARS - Proud - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZuQJy9eC_3U

1983 He created film-clips for; The Drop Bears, Matt Finish, Jenny Morris, Dave Dobbyn, and The Johnnies. His work for The Machinations 1984 song ‘MY HEART'S ON FIRE’ was Runner up for best Video at the Australian Music Industry awards.

THE MACHINATIONS - My Hearts On Fire - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HqEioAE01Kw

1984 THE VASE OF DESTINY solo show at Sydney’s MORI GALLERY - paintings, drawings and 3D installations with sound - tape loops which were triggered by pressure sensitive matts hidden under the carpet so the sound would emanate from the work as you approached or passed it.


1985 ‘DIAMONDS ON CHINA’, a filmclip for The Narcs – won best video at the NZ Recording Industry Awards in 1985.

1985 PRISON WITH OPEN DOOR Solo show at MORI GALLERY Sydney, paintings and decorated pots.

1985 Returning to NZ Flaws bought a 4 acre block in Hukanui and began to paint full time. 


1986 SWEET LOVERS filmclip for THE HOLIDAY MAKERS first single won Video of the Year at the 1986 RIANZ awards. Flaws also created the album cover.


1986 Flaws set a selection of Sam Hunt poems to music and with the help of Peter Dasent, Tony Backhouse, Bruno Lawrence, Patrick Bleakley, Rick Bryant, Jonathan Zwartz, Nick Bollinger, Ross Burge ,Andrew Delahunty & Craig Walters, recorded the songs with Paul Radcliffe co-producing. Discontinued due to financial strress, this lost session has been recently rediscovered and is currently being finished and prepared for release due 2017.


1987 FARMERS WIFE WITH A JUG OF MILK - Eketahuna General Store - oils on glass & board.

1987 MAN WITH A LADDER Solo show at GREG FLINT GALLERY Wellington - paintings.

1987 Flaws created his first animation – the title sequence for ‘Radio with Pictures’. This largely intuitive work with music by Peter Dasent, went on to win a ‘Lifta’ for best TV graphics, and A Gold at the ‘Best Design’ awards for ‘Moving Image.’ 

RADIO WITH PICTURES Title Animation - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=coupQvdDMYc

Inspired by the success of his first attempt, Flaws set up his own Design & Animation company, NO STRAIGHT LINES Ltd’ with Paul Densem & Marcel Trompe, which had nine projects in design, illustration and animation selected for the inaugural ‘BEST NZ DESIGN awards album, winning gold for ‘’Radio with Pictures’ and silver for the ‘Massey University Orientation Posters’. 

1989 NO STRAIGHT LINES went on to win a Gold ‘AXIS’ and another Silver ‘Moving image’ at the ‘BEST DESIGN’ awards for it’s animated antismoking TVC ‘Kick it in The Butt’.

KICK IT IN THE BUTT - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m6VR6FariAk

1989 Flaws made his first short film ‘RODNEY AND JULIET’ (co-written with Anthony McCarten) - A comedy staring Tony Backhouse, Truda Chadwick and Annie Crummer with Music By Peter Dasent, it which won ‘Best First Film’ at the Clermont Ferrand Film Festival, and was Runner-up for Best Short Film at the NZ Film & TV Awards.

RODNEY & JULIET - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fva0M1EnbCs&feature=c4-overview&list=UUvvOUk2_6WYDfhQg7oPs1tg

A bewlldered Backhouse discovers The San Gandolfo Society - "All kindsa miracles! All kindsa miracles!" - on a trip to a New York Film festival with Flaws and RODNEY & JULIET.


1989 Flaws is commissioned by Athfeild Architects to paint 13 glass table tops for the restraunt on the Picton Ferry Arahura.


1989 Flaws formed ‘Black Stump Film Company’with Jeff Williams, which after eight years as a successful Commercial Production Company, merged with both No Straight Lines, and Jam Design, forming FAT Ltd in 1998. During these years Flaws collected over 40 awards for directing including;

Three Gold Axis  - NZ Advertising Awards,

Gold for Best Humour ‘93 London International Advertising Awards

Best Video - Flying Fish Music Video Awards – THE FRONT LAWN - 'The Beautiful Things' -


Best Video - NZ Film & TV Awards & Best Video - Flying Fish Music Video Awards – THE MUTTON BIRDS - 'Nature'

'Nature' - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ghbt5OLz6ns

Runner-up -  NZ Film & TV Awards – TTHE MUTTON BIRDS – ‘Giant Friend’


Best Video - viewer’s choice – MAX TV Music Awards –THE MUTTON BIRDS – ‘The Heater’.



1992 FORBIDDEN KISS - solo show STUDIO OF PACIFIC ARCHITECTURE. paintings oil on glass.


1996 A BAND OF ANGELS - solo show at DADA Wellington - a look back at angel paintings in a variety of media spanning thirteen years.


1999 Flaws & wife Shaan started ‘Monkey Biz Ltd’; a Boutique Publishing Company, specializing in high quality Children’s Literature with Music, and published his first ‘Singing Book’ – THE UNDERWATERMELON MAN & OTHER UNREASONABLE RHYMES, a book (designed by Len Cheeseman and Illustrated by Flaws), and CD package with 25 songs (by Flaws, Peter Dasent & Arthur Baysting) featuring a collection of the cream of NZ and Australian recording artists, including – Neil & Tim Finn, Don McGlashan, Chris Knox, Bic & Boh Runga, The Topp Twins, Dave Dobbyn, Jenny Morris, Renee Geyer, Jackie Clarke and Tony Backhouse.
To date ‘The Underwatermelon Man’ has sold over 17,000 copies, has been ‘Highly Commended at the 2001 Best Design awards.

2001 Flaws exhibited paintings in the inaugural group show at MILK GALLERY Wellington.


2002 Flaws exhibited rugs & sculptures in group show at MILK GALLERY Wellington.


2002 Flaws and renowned Australian Theatre Director Neil Gladwin are commissioned to develop  THE UNDERWATERMELON MAN into a Pantomime for the Wellington International Arts Festival. The show is a smash hit and the music by Flaws & Dasent makes finalist in the Chapman Tripp Theatre awards.

2002 Flaws developed The Undewatermelon Man into a half-hour, animated film with the assistance of NZOA and the NZ Film Commission. Monkey Biz Ltd and Karactaz Animation (Dylan Coburn) produced the film with Flaws designing, directing and painting the 250 background plates.

BEND featuring Tony Backhouse - The Dog With The Saxophone - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H49oqL5WFaE


2002 Inspired by a bollocking from iconic Art Dealer Peter McLeavey, Flaws relocated to Hawkes Bay, to be a full time artist.

April 2004  BIRD VASE TOTEM Solo show - BLACK BARN GALLERY - Flaws’ first major exhibition for twelve years, celebrating his return to painting.


Nov 2004 NU WRX Group show - THE GLOBE (Napier) - EIT Tutors Exhibition.


Dec 2004 WHERE'S THE BIG IDEA? Solo show - C.O.C.A (The Canterbury Gallery of Contemporary Art) a solo show of text paintings which was one of only two shows reviewed in the Christchurch Press ‘Exhibitions of the Year’ – “Provocative, in your face, sharp contemporary painting that stapled assorted cultural sacred cows firmly to the canvas”


July 2005 JUGS, TRASH, TIKIS Group Show - GEORGE PERRY GALLERY Tauranga -  Fane Flaws (Jugs), Martin Poppelwell (Trash) & Dick Frizzell (Tikis).


April 2005 UNFINISHED BUSINESS Solo Show - CHRISTOPHER MOORE GALLERY Wellington - featuring some of the text paintings from ‘Where’s the Big Idea’ and ten new works on the same theme – ‘the fear of paint and the artworld’.


Dec 2005 SHIFT Group show - EIT Hawkes Bay - EIT Tutors Exhibition.


Feb 2006 FRESH Group Show - MILFORD GALLERIES Auckland - with Scott Mcfarlane, Megan Campbell and Jim Dennison & Leanne Williams.


March 2006 RED CROSS Group show - RED CROSS GALLERY Napier - artists include Para Matchitt, Dick Frizzell, Martin Poppelwell, Deborah & Mark Smith.


April 2006 - I-PRINT - Group Show Hastings Community Art Centre - EIT Tutors Exhibition.


April 2006 - NORSEWEAR ART AWARDS Group Show H.C.A.G- Artists include Neil Dawson, Dick Frizzell, Paul Dibble, Sanjay theodore, Martin Poppelwel, Jim Cooper, Israel Birch, Richard Lewer, Jo Bllogg, Mark Brunias, Luise Fong,Paul Hartigan, John McLean.


May 2006 THE MEANINGLESS MUSINGS OF A RELUCTANT RECONSTRUCTIVIST (or "I’m eccentric I can do anything I like") Solo show - BLACK BARN GALLERY Havelock North - autoerotic assemblages, inappropriate appropriations & recalcitrant remolitions. 


Dec 2006 Group Show BATH STREET GALLERY Xmas Exhibition.


Dec 2006 THE MEMORY OF PAPER Group show - M.I.A. GALLERY Napier – works on paper. Artists include – Tony Fommison, Pat Hanly, Allen Maddox, John Reynolds,  Shane Cotton, Martin Poppelwell, Gavin Chilcott, Dick Frizzell, Reuben Patterson, Michael Pule & Paratene Matchitt.


May 2007 PRINT- ED Group show - Hastings Community Art Centre - EIT Tutors Exhibition.


May 2007 FURTHER SIGHTINGS (New Work From Birdland) Solo show - BLACK BARN GALLERY Havelock North - Ten large bird paintings and fifteen gouache studies.


Nov 2007 WALK THE LINE Group show - H.C.A.G - EIT Tutors Exhibition.


April 2008 HAWKES BAY INVITATIONAL Group show H.C.A.G.- artists include Dick Frizzell, Para Matchett, Jo Blogg, Martin Poppelwell, Leane Culy, Lex Benson Cooper, Wellesley Binding. 



May 2008  FREEDOM FROM SLEEP Solo show - BOWEN GALLERY Wellington - acrylic on paper. A visual interpretaion of a 1981 Fane Flaws/Arthur Baysting song lyric.


Sept 2008 FAKING IT A Revisitaion Of Post Modernism -Group show - H.C.A.G. - EIT Tutors Exhibition.


Oct 2008 NEW PRINTS Group Show PAPERGRAPHICA Christchurch - with Rudolph Boelee and Ralph Hotere.


Oct 2008 NEW MODEL / DON’T TELL ME WHAT TO DO Joint show with Jo Blogg - COCA Gallery Chrictchurch . Constructions in Paint, Demolition Timber and found Objects, with text from the song ‘Toy Head’ by Fane Flaws & Tony Backhouse with Jo Blogg's Recycled Road Sign Mandalas.



Jan 2009  KLUDGE  (IDs Orts & Umbra) ‘a collection of ill fitting parts’. Solo show - 138 TENNYSON GALLERY Napier. Featuring older, recent and new work from the last five years in paint, found object, demolition timber and print.


Feb 2009 FABRICATION (The Frabjous Fabric Paintings Of Fane Flaws) Solo Retrospective at WESTERN SOUTHLAND GALLERY  -  fifteen years of fabric paintings, fifty works from all over Australasia.


April 2009 HAWKES BAY INVITATIONAL Group Show H.C.A.G - Artists include; Leslie Falls, Ben Pearce, Leanne Culy, Martin Poppelwell, Chris Bryant, Jo Blogg, Don Driver, Para Matchitt.


May 2009  Flaws inducted onto the NZ FILM ARCHIVE WALL OF FAME - fellow inductees include Dalvanius Maui Prime, Chris Knox, Jonathan King, Ed Davis, Stuart Page, Kevan Moore, Kerry Brown, Jed Town, Chris Mauger.


May 2009 Flaws takes a break from exhibiting for the rest of the year, concentrating on the construction of a new studio and the co-designing (with Dick) of Frizzell’s book DICK FRIZZELL THE PAINTER.


Dec 2010 Flaws is inducted into 'MASSEY UNIVERSITY DESIGN HALL OF FAME' - fellow inductees include Len Lye, Gordon Walters, Avis Higgs, Jane Usher, Manos Nathan.


April 2011  HAWKES BAY INVITATIONAL Group show - H.C.A.G - artists include; Ben Pearce, Jeff Thompson,  Jo Blogg, Martin Poppelwell, Wellesley Binding, Derek Henderson.


July 2011  GAME ON Group Show -   H.C.A.G - artists include; Para Matchitt, Colin McCahon, Star Gossage, Bill Hammond, Jo Blogg, Dick Frizzell, Shane Cotton, John Walsh, John Pule, Ben Pearce, Paul Hartigan, Ralph Hotere, Martin Poppelwell, Ans Westra.

GAME ON selections were The Council Of The Psychedelic Ids - above (oil on canvas 1520 x1520) and a video installation titled RADIO WITH PICTURES which cycled a 45min compilation of Flaws Music Television work. For this he recreated his living room in the gallery - "You can't watch 'Music Television' on a black leather pouff in a pristine white walled room - I wanted people to feel at home - on the sofa at my place...we even provided cups of tea and a couple of krispies!"

A couple of the videoclips were created especially for the installation...THE DYSLEXIC AGNOSTIC INSOMNIAC featuring Martin Poppelwell, and GOODNIGHT EVERYONE which used a montage of Flaws Text Paintings.

FANE FLAWS - The Dyslexic Agnostic Insomniac http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y95flZfr4pE

I AM JOE'S MUSIC - Goodnight Everyone http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W6KFPDT3vvk&NR=1


August 2011 8 NEW PRINTS Solo Show - de Luxe cafe Wellington - limited edition digital prints


Sept 2011 LOVE & DEATH Solo Show - de LUXE CAFE Wellington - new demolition timber constructions - Hearts & Skulls


Dec 2011 - IDS & ANIMALS Joint Show - FLAGSTAFF GALLERY Auckland with Jo Blogg - Psychedelic Id Paintings gouache on paper with Jo Blogg's Perspex Animal Mandalas.


Feb 2012 IDS & ANIMALS 2 Joint Show - STATEMENTS GALLERY Napier with Jo Blogg - The Psychedelic Ids At Home, gouache & acrylics on paper and 3D Birds and Trees, with Jo Blogg's Perspex Amimal Mandalas and 3D Animals.


March 2012 LOOKING FOR FLAWS Solo Show - 131 WELLINGTON ST Auckland - 85 pieces from the Stockroom. Paintings, Assemblages, Sculpture, Prints & Constructions.


May 2012 Flaws forms new band NO ENGINE and celebrates with first official live performance in 30 years at Napier's CABANA. (poster by Adrian Thornton)


July 2012 NO ENGINE performs to a raving crowd at Napier's DOME, in a night of original NZ Music with THE TROUBLES up from Wellington and THE REVOLUTIONARY ARTS ENSEMBLE (performing a free jazz interpretation of the legendary first Gordon's album). NO ENGINE is shut down by noise control just as they are hitting the zone.

Sept 2012 NO ENGINE head to Wellington for a weekend including a live spot on national Radio, and gigs at MIGHTY MIGHTY, The LIDO and CAFFE L'AFFARE.


Oct 2012 EAST - Group Show H.C.A.G - artists include Para Matchitt, Martin Poppellwell, Matthew Couper, Jo Blogg, Wellesley Binding, Linda Bruce, Jacob Scott, David Guerin. Flaws contributes 'A KLUDGE OF ATOMS' a 30 piece demolition timber assemblage.


DEC 2012 POP UP SHOW - JOEY VASSEN GALLERY - Vulcan Lane Auckland. Artists include Israel Birch, Jo Blogg, Wellesley Binding, Freeman White, Pamela Tinning, Rakai Karatiana.


FEB 2013 finishes the BEND video for 'PERMANENT BATTLE'


BEND - Permanent Battle - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G6AO-lU18ds


MARCH 2013 -THE ART POP UP - group show hosted by Roger King & Liffy Roberts

Jewellery – Warwick Freeman / Peter Deckers.
Ceramics – John Parker / Helen Perrett / Richard Parker / Ross Mitchell Anyon.
Paintings – Reuben Paterson / Wellesley Binding / Fane Flaws.
Sculpture – Louise Purvis / Jo Blogg.


JUNE 2013 -WOODEN TIKI CUT-OUTS - De Luxe Cafe Wellington


JUNE 2013 - SELF PORTRAT WITH A BLUE HEAD New Prints - de LUXE CAFE Wellington


OCT - NOV 2013 - COMPASS POINTS Group Show- WHMILBANK GALLERY Wanganui Featured Artists - NORTH Scott McFarlane, Warren Viscoe, SOUTH Simon Edwards &Jjulia Morrison, EAST Jo Blogg & Fane Flaws, WEST Lance Hayes & Paul Rayner.


DEC 2013 The new lineup of NO ENGINE Fane Flaws, Tony Backhouse, Andy Gladstone, Nicole Taylor & Anton Wuts debut at THE CABANA Napier



JAN 2014 NO ENGINE with Legendary 1970's NZ Soul Band ROUGH JUSTICE rock THE CABANA Napier.




APRIL 2014 - FANE FLAWS ACOUSTIC CONFUSION TRIO supporting THE REVOLUTIONARY ARTS ENSEMBLE Playing the original music of Akira Ifukube live to three early Godzilla Shorts @ THE COMMON ROOM Hastings.




MAY 2014 - NO ENGINE live @ THE COMMON ROOM Hastings. JUNE 2014 - NO ENGINE with GOLDEN CURTAIN & BUS CRASH live @ THE CABANA Napier - fundraiser to help The cabana stay afloat and pay its APRA bill.




JUNE 2014 - NO ENGINE live @ THE COMMON ROOM Hastings. OCT 2014 - NO ENGINE live @ THE SALOON Wairoa


NOV 2014 EAST - Group Invitational - Artists include: Ben Pearce, Wellesly Binding, Matthew Couper, Jo Blogg, Lex Benson Cooper, John Eaden, Peter Baker.


DEC 2014 - NO ENGINE live @ THE CABANA Napier. DEC 2014 - NO ENGINE live @ KING STREET LIVE Masterton


DEC 2014 - NO ENGINE live @ THE COMMON ROOM Hastings.


DEC 2014 - PRACTICAL HOUSEHOLDS - Solo Show A+E Gallery Napier


MARCH 2015 - PEACE DOVE WITH PSYVHEDELIC ID - Solo Show Orphic Egg Gallery Napier


MARCH 2015 - Designed poster for Jonathan Crayford's METEOR project.


MARCH 2015 - Designed Album Cover for THE UMBRELLAS - LOUNGE SUITE TANGO







AUG 2015 - NO ENGINE live @ THE COMMON ROOM Hastings. SEPT 2015 - NO ENGINE live @ THE COMMON ROOM Hastings.




OCT 2015 - NO ENGINE live @ THE COMMON ROOM Hastings. OCT 2015 - NO ENGINE live @ THE COMMON ROOM Hastings.


OCT 2015 - Completed Dracula Mural for Hastings City Council Opera House Fence Project


OCT 2015 - Designed Album Cover for PETER DASENT - SONGS FOR SOLO PIANO


OCT 2015 - Finiished VIDEO for PETER DASENT - HOMAGE FOR M.HULOT shot live at Abbey Rd https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TN961awyKvU




SEPT 2016 - NO ENGINE Live @ COMMON ROOM Hastings

MAR 2016 - Belgian Abstracts Oil on Canvas


JAN 2016 - NO ENGINE Live @ COMMON ROOM Hastings. FEB 2016 - NO ENGINE Live @ COMMON ROOM Hastings







SEPT 2016 - NO ENGINE Live @ COMMON ROOM Hastings. OCT 2016 - NO ENGINE Live @ COMMON ROOM Hastings


NOV 2016 EAST - Group Invitational - Artists include: Ben Pearce, Wellesly Binding, Jo Blogg, Lex Benson Cooper, Martin Poppelwell, Michael Hawksworth




FEB 2017 - The BEND - Recording Session Sydney - Strings & Horns for 'WE DISAPPEAR' the forthcoming album of SAM HUNT songs - begun 30 years ago in 1987.....


JULY 2017 - Flaws directs and Alun Bollinger DOP's a Music Video for longtime musical partners BLESSED RELIEF (Peter Dasent & Tony Backhouse) - for the first track on their amazing debut album DESIGN FOR LIVING.....it's MAN GOES SHOPPING starring Tony Backhouse as Rodney Wind...



SEPT - OCT 2017 - ALMOST SERIOUS -A 200work, retrospective covering 48years work as part of 'The Harcour'ts Hawkes Bay Arts Festival'.....The show included paintings, drawings, sculpture, prints and assemblages, a weekly portrait salon with live music, action painting to live music with both Martin Poppelwell and Bernard Winkels and musical performances by Fane Flaws with No Engine, Peter Dasent and The Revolutionary Arts Ensemble.


APRIL 2018 - The BEND begin recording a new album of proper music for children. THE BOY WITH THE FLAMING HAIR - a 25 song follow up to The UNDERWATERMELON MAN. Rancom Studios Sydney - with Fane Flaws, Peter Dasent, Hamish Stewart, Jonathan Zwartz and Mark Hornibrooke.


SEPTEMBER 2018 - A SONG FELL OUT - New Work by FANE FLAWS with NO ENGINE - 10 new compositions in a brace of sold out - 'Sitting Room Sessions' ... House Concerts @ Jaimie Macphai's. The band - Fane Flaws, Andrew Gladstone, Willie Devine, Anton Wuts, Margot Pierard & Nicole Taylor is mixed by the fabulous Paul Jeffery play a set of 10 new songs and a set of old faves.


OCTOBER 2018 - THE PLASTIC FLOWER SHOW with Jo Blogg - Muse Gallery Havelock Nth


OCTOBER 2018 - White Night HB Arts Festival - MY WHITE SHIP - a video installation at The Rabbit Room Napier. MY WHITE SHIP a music video by Ashley Cox & Fane Flaws for the song of the same name by The BEND, with lyrics by Sam Hunt and Music by Fane Flaws.