FREEDOM FROM SLEEP (new works on paper) - Fane Flaws

Bowen Galleries Wellington - 6th May- 24th May 2008

These new works on paper are the first in a series drawn from song lyrics. ‘Freedom From Sleep’ was one of many songs written by the artist and Arthur Baysting during a six-month, Sydney sojourn in the early eighties, where the two songwriters were contracted as ‘house writers’ to Chappell Music Publishing, an arrangement which gave them access to a small downtown studio. To Chappell’s bewilderment and disappointment, the songs written and demo’d during that period were so strange and uncommercial, the publishing option was taken up on only one composition.

“We just applied our usual song writing routine - got stoned and wrote
about whatever occurred to us, often using magazine headings, cut-ups and late nightwalks through the Kings Cross sleaze for inspiration. We thought we were contributing classic pop songs - you know - proper music, defining the culture, but we were so out of touch with the reality of the Australian commercial music industry, it was just funny.
I have always had in mind to use some of the lyrics as a basis for paintings, throwing everything at them - a jumble of text, comics, pop and whatever my current inventory of symbols, triggers and good old fashioned modernist ephemera might cough up.
This is my first attempt which even features Poppelwell as the divine potter - oops!”

Fane Flaws - May 2008

'Sometimes There's A Feeling' (acrylic on paper) 760 x 560 mm


'Sometimes There's A Suspscion' (acrylic on paper) 760 x 560 mm


'Freedom From Sleep 1' (acrylic on paper) 760 x 560 mm


'Sometimes There's A Notion' (acrylic on paper) 760 x 560 mm


'Freedom From Sleep 2' (acrylic on paper) 760 x 560 mm


'The Rearranging' (acrylic on paper) 760 x 560 mm


'Sometimes There's A Worry' (acrylic on paper) 760 x 560 mm

'You'N Me Everybody' (acrylic on paper) 1000 x 700 mm