EAST 2012 - (group show) Hastings Art Gallery - Nov 2012 / Jan 2013

Artists include; Martin Poppelwell, Dave Geurin, Matthew Couper, Kathy Boyle, David Trubridge, Jo Blogg, Perry Davies, Liz McCready, Jacob Scott, Stacey Gordine, Michele Bryant, Linda Bruce, Para Matchitt, Jeffery Drabble, Megan Hansen-Knahoi, Richard Brimmer, Prakash Patel

"Piles of pre-loved detritus, flush with their own private histories, were then instinctively remolished into this kludge of absrudly vibrating atomic icons".

Fane Flaws - Oct 2012

Fane with 'A Kludge Of Atoms - Large Remolition #2' (30 piece demolition timber assemblage) 2 x 2 metres


Atoms # 1(NFS),2,3(sold)

Atoms # 4(sold),5(sold),6(sold)

Atoms # 7(sold),8,9(sold)

Atoms # 10(sold),11(sold),12(sold)
Atoms # 13(sold),14,15(sold)
Atoms # 16(NFS),17(sold),18(sold)
Atoms # 19(sold),20(sold),21(sold)
Atoms # 22(sold),23(sold),24(sold)
Atoms # 25 (sold),26,27(sold)
Atoms # 28,29(sold),30(sold)
A Kludge Of Atoms - Large Remolition #2 (detail #16 - single atom)