book design & illustration

Some of this work is for my own creations where I can do what I like, including illustrate the text and work with other designers and illustrators I respect, some is for commissioned projects where I am a hired gun. My credo in collaboration is - "Surround yourself with experts" - I have been fortunate to work with some brilliant people.

In Wartime - graphic novel


In Wartime - spreads


Commo Bill - biography - cover (with Joe Bleakley)


Dick Frizzell The Painter - Autobiography - cover - (with Dick Frizzell)


Dick Frizzell The Painter - spreads


The Underwatermelon Man & Other Unreasonable Rhymes - (with Len Cheeseman)


The Underwatermelon Man - double-page spreads (with Len Cheeseman)


Alpha-Beta Zoo - childrens animal alphabet


An Aardvark Artist with an Altosaxophone on An Ambulance Full Of Apples - childrens animal alphabet (with Geoffrey Nottman)


Mr Volcano - Childrens Book


Herbie's Only Human - Childrens Book


Herbie's Only Human - spreads

Talking 'bout The Fridge - graphic novel


Talking 'bout The Fridge - spreads


NZ School Journal Cover - 1973


Phone Book Cover - for US Embassy NZ (student project) 1970